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New York Real Estate Lawyers Help Condo Associations and Owners

Disputes can arise between the association and unit owners

When people buy units in a condominium, they actually are buying only the space inside the walls of their units. Everything outside their walls is common space, in which all unit owners have shared rights. Hallways, elevators, pools and exercise rooms, for example, are all common spaces. The condominium association is responsible for maintaining these common areas. Each unit owner is a shareholder in the condo association, to which the unit owners pay dues, fees and special assessments.

Relations between the association and a unit owner can turn sour for any number of reasons. Sometimes, the unit owner believes the association is unduly restrictive.  In other cases, the association believes a unit owner is disregarding the condo’s rules or abusing the common areas. At such times, guidance from a residential real estate attorney at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP with long experience in condominium law can help navigate the path to resolution of the dispute.

The rights and responsibilities of condo living

Both the unit owner and the association have rights and responsibilities. These commonly include:

  • Changes to property. In New York, condo unit owners are generally barred from making any changes to their units that would reduce the value of the property as a whole.
  • Common costs. Condo owners are required to pay dues to the association for the building’s common costs.  The association must use this money for maintenance, amenities and upgrades.
  • Internal rules. The condo association is required to post the rules for the building or otherwise make them available to unit owners, including all amendments that went into effect after the unit was purchased.

A legal team knowledgeable about condominium issues

Our lawyers have experience representing both condo unit owners and condo associations.  We can help the parties settle their disputes. However, if no agreement can be reached, we are prepared to litigate aggressively on our client’s behalf.

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Whether you’re a condo unit owner or an officer of the association, you can get the legal assistance you need from Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco, LLP. Our New York City office is conveniently located in the Financial District, on Broadway between Barclay and Vesey.  We’re open five days a week. Call us today at 800-223-2814 or contact us online. We also have an office in Peekskill, N.Y. that serves clients in the Westchester area.



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