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USCIS Announces Updates to Civics Test

USCIS Announces Updates to Civics Test

In order to become a citizen of the United States, foreign nationals have to go through the process of naturalization. During the standard interview, applicants are given what’s called a civics test. The civics test is an oral examination focusing on U.S. history and government. During the test, applicants are asked 10 out of a possible 100 questions, in English. The applicants must answer at least six of the questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the naturalization process. Applicants receive study guides to help them get ready for the test, and have access to all the questions and answers prior to the interview.

If you are preparing to take the naturalization test, it’s important to continually check for the most current answers to the questions, because the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) changes some of them periodically, usually due to elections.

Recently, the USCIS has made updates to four of the questions on the civics test. They are:

  1. On civics question number 20 “Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now?” An acceptable answer is the name of one of your current U.S. State Senators. The list of current U.S. senators can be found at:
  2. On civics question number 23 “Name your U.S. Representative.” An acceptable answer is the name of your current U.S. Representative. The list of the U.S. House of Representatives can be found at:
  3. On civics question number 43 “Who is the Governor of your state now?” The acceptable answer is the name of your state’s current governor. The list for all current governors can be found at:
  4. On civics question number 47. “What is the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives now?” The acceptable answer is the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. The name of the speaker can be found at:

It is always a good idea to check for any possible changes to the answers on the civics test prior to going in for your interview. Your citizenship depends partly on you getting a passing score. But if you happen to fail your civics test during your interview, you will be given a chance to retake it between 60 and 90 days from the date of the first interview.

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